Thursday, December 4, 2008

Three days later

We've known about this pregnancy only about 72 hours, and yet, it already feels so old. Not old as in we're over it, but old as in it's only been three days?! I think we both forgot just how involved my pregnancies are! Already I've been to the lab twice and to the doctor's office once. I've spoken to the nurse probably six times on the phone and once in person. I still have to connect with Dr. Trimmer, and make my official first OB appointment. So much to do, so little time.

Because it was the end of the year, James was able to modify his benefit elections for 2009. He changed our FSA, so we'll be able to pay for a bit of this pregnancy pre-tax. That's nice. Also, our insurance plan went down about $165/month (for the same coverage), so we won't even notice what's being taken out pre-tax. We're already accustomed to it not being in the paycheck.

As for how I feel, I feel hopeful. I certainly feel pregnant physically. I've been drained and unmotivated, and I have tingly, itchy body parts. No nausea, but that's not a common symptom for me. I'd like to think I've had some food cravings, but it's too early for that. Pseudo-cravings -- that's what I've been having. Now, if only James would get on board and honor the cravings, pseudo or not. He said as long as I crave Sonic, Chicken Express, or Chio's Mexican Food (all the local restaurants -- seriously, all of them), I'm all set.

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