Thursday, December 18, 2008

Personal Statistics vs. Common Statistics

Late last night, I began spotting lightly. It stopped this morning, but it just began again, slightly heavier this time (though still considerably lighter than what would normally be considered dangerous). I have a slight twinge of continual pain on the left side.

Spotting -- even bleeding -- isn't uncommon in pregnancies. However, in my five previous pregnancies, I've only had spotting in the three that ended in the first trimester. It's hard not to let personal statistics override common ones.

As for the pain, it's not terrible, and it could just be pelvic tendons beginning to stretch. I remember having a similar pain when pregnant with Gracie, and nothing came of it obviously. I imagine the pain of stretching tendons would be more obvious this time since I have a cerclage buried in among them (which could also cause the spotting). Still, the pain coupled with the spotting cause me to feel concern.

I'm off for my biweekly blood work. If the progesterone level has moved further down, that could cause the spotting and it would hopefully be repairable at this point. If I'm miscarrying, my HCg levels should begin to drop. If everything remains stable and/or increases, I'm probably OK. I should know more tomorrow.


Emily said...

praying for you and this baby!!!

Jenny said...

Yes, I'm praying too!

Amy said...

I am praying for peace for you and health for the little one.