Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Christmas Ornament

In the midst of the holiday craziness and at the very beginning stages of this process, I bought the baby its very first Christmas ornament. Last year, after a year of back to back losses, we bought baby ornaments. We bought an individual one for both Ainsley and Zachary, and a combined one for the first and last babies who lived so briefly.

James has already been looking at cribs and sleepers and maternity clothes. I chided him for being ahead of the game, but he just said, "I'm going to enjoy this, every minute of it. That's how I want this pregnancy to be." We're doing our best to be naive once again. To be pregnant and excited and expectant. That is why when I saw the little ornament, I knew it was just right.

It's a "Baby's 1st Christmas" ornament (though I removed that part), and it shows Pooh giving Piglet a Christmas package. Around the bottom is this text: "A baby," said Pooh, "is a very nice thing indeed." With that, I concur. We feel extraordinarily blessed to be pregnant once again, and so excited to be pregnant during Christmas. It's wonderful having such a delicious little secret at such a magical time of the year.

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DeDe said...

I love that y'all are rejoicing!

Rejoice and be glad. Psalm 118:24