Monday, December 8, 2008

On Blood Draws and Twilight

I went to the lab today for my third blood draw. Both HCg and Progesterone levels will be monitored twice weekly until around 10-12 weeks gestation. For today's lab visit, I brought along a well-worn library copy of Twilight. I'm the last of my friends, and maybe the last of all humankind, to read the series.

As I signed in, the receptionist phlebotomist literally had to purse her lips to keep from giving away all the good parts of the story. She opened up to say that the series was so good, she was reading the first book again after reading them all and seeing the movie twice. Then she was back to pursing her lips.

When I was called from the waiting room to go back for the draw, the receptionist phlebotomist told the other phlebotomist to look at what I was carrying in my hands. It was just the book, but it may as well have been the holy grail. That phlebotomist, then, wanted to know my every opinion about the book, the series, the characters, the movie, and so on. I told her I was a few pages into chapter one -- I had no opinion. I just hoped it was as good as everyone let on.

I stopped talking to her and looked away from the blood pouring forth from my veins. When I did, I noticed a Twilight poster hanging ominously over a nearby draw station, and I felt just a touch uncomfortable.

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Emily said...

With all that insomnia, you should have a lot of reading time! Get to it! Keep up the reading. I love the books.