Monday, December 15, 2008

Friday's Numbers

It just occurred to me that I failed to post Friday's numbers. They've been coming in later in the day when I seem to be the busiest, so time just got away. On Friday, my HCg increased to 3889, and my progesterone went back up to 25.4.

I'm excited about that progesterone level. Ususally, I come in around 12-15, and we fight to get it up to 16-18, the low end of a good range. And when I say fight, I mean it. Usually, I'm taking two supplements orally and one compounded supplement elsewhere, and it's a real nightmare. This time, I'm taking one average dose orally, and I think that's more for my peace of mind than anything. It's that number that makes me feel very hopeful that this baby (or these babies) is (are) meant to be.

When the nurse told me of the HCg level, I was concerned it hadn't risen enough. She said they like to see them double every 48-72 hours, which it did. It doubled within 56 hours, but still, I was worried. Later in the day, when I really thought about it, I remembered that the previous number doubled every 26 hours. Most women wouldn't have their blood analyzed every three to four days, so based on that law of averages, I was still more than ok. On the chart, I still sit above the high line, and when the numbers are run, I still well within the range of twins (meaning if that's what this is, my numbers are still healthy).

This morning, we're on our way to the perinatologist for the initial scan. I'm excited, and very nervous. It's amazing to be here once again.

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Amy said...

Can't wait to hear about the appointment. I'm praying for you this morning!