Tuesday, December 9, 2008

On a New Week and Higher Numbers

Today, I crossed over into 5 weeks of pregnancy. It's so amazing that really we've only been at this just over a week, and yet, it feels like this process has been going on for ages. It's difficult to realize that many women wouldn't even know they were pregnant at this early stage in the game, whereas I've already been in cahoots with two doctors, several nurses, even more phlebotomists, and perhaps a vampire or two. There's no wonder a loss at eight or nine weeks is so hard for me -- I have more prenatal care in the first weeks of a pregnancy than many women have all along!

Barb, the OB nurse, called today with Monday's blood results: HCg 1569 and progesterone 23.2. My progesterone decreased some, but some fluctuation is normal -- even within the same day -- and my levels are still above the top of a very safe range. If Thursday's test indicates another drop into the teens, my supplementation will likely be increased. At this point, though, there's no change ordered.

As for the HCg level, the little program James runs indicated that it doubled every 26 hours. 26 hours! In a healthy singleton pregnancy, it's not even necessary to double every 48 hours -- a 66% increase is sufficient. Based on the charts he compares, there's a very high probability I'm pregnant with twins. I've been consistently within the upper median range for twins, and the middle median range for triplets. Squeal!

Back to reality, though, HCg levels aren't a precise predictor of numbers of implantations. There are so many contingencies, and because I didn't have a follicle check this month to pinpoint exactly when I ovulated (it was supposed to be a break and all), it could just be that I'm a few days further along than we think. Monday's scan should be telling, both of numbers and of gestational age, and from there, and increasing HCg level will be indicative of pregnancy health. Monday can't get here quick enough!

(Is it just me, or does the babystrology app indicate that I'm pregnant with a seahorse?)


DeDe said...

A very beautiful seahorse - I love that feature on the blog!

Randi said...

Holy cow!!! Can you imagine if it's twins?? How awesome that would be. I've had that thought since the beginning ... that maybe you get an extra little blessing this time around to help with the pain of the past.