Monday, December 15, 2008

Do You See What I See?

Today's ultrasound went beautifully. I love my perinatologist, and he and his employees seemed genuinely happy to see me today. Happy that I was pregnant again. It's nice to have two sets of eyes watching my every gestational move. Today, the peri decided to run some tests and piggybacked off my regular bi-weekly labwork, so other than having five vials of blood drawn today to appease his curiosity, it was a good day indeed.

As for what we saw, we saw one perfectly visible gestational sac with a yolk sac and a very new fetal pole (heartbeat). There was another something else there, and it's too soon to say precisely what it is.

My doctor, who is very conservative (particularly given my history) put it this way: he was unwilling to call it a twin pregnancy at this point, but he did say he's seen things like what I have later develop and reveal a growing baby. At this stage in a pregnancy, a day or two can make a world of difference.

What I mean by that is a gestational sac is not visible until 5 1/2 weeks, in general. We're estimating that I'm 5w 6d today based on when we assumed I ovulated or generally ovulate. The truth of the matter is that my pregnancy could be a couple of days younger than we think, and this early, that could mean the difference between seeing a gestational sac and not seeing one.

Also, it is not impossible for a woman to ovulate, and ovulate again a few hours or even a couple of days later. I've read forums of women who are pregnant with twins, and one measures twenty weeks, while the other measures twenty weeks and three days. That could just be a difference in size estimation, but it could also mean a discrepancy in ovulation times.

I'm not hanging onto twins, but it's not officially been ruled out yet. In an effort to explain what we saw, the doctor said what's there could just be a pocket of implantation blood revealed on the ultrasound, but (1) it looked nothing like the implatation bleeding I've seen on ultrasound before, and (2) I don't think he'd even suggest the possibility of twins unless he really thought there was some sort of a chance. Time will tell, I guess.

As of today, we're very excited to be pregnant with one baby implanted within the uterus who appears to be very healthy and is maintaining some excellent numbers. We're very curious about what the doctor found, and wonder if it will become something, or if it will merely go away. I have a repeat ultrasound in one week (at 6w6d), and again, two weeks after that (at 8w6d). Things should be clear for us very soon...

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Randi said...

Great news! I'm sure you're very curious about what else might be there ... if anything. I know you're joyful about the thought of one baby though and we're praying for health for all of you!

Emily said...

So exciting!!!

Amy said...

He/ she is beautiful! I love sono pictures!