Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Initial Lab Results

The lab results came in just now, and it's official -- I'm PREGNANT! My HCg level was at 64, and my progesterone level was at 25.2. I can't recall a time when my progesterone level was so healthy -- especially this early! Remember, it was drawn yesterday, which should have been the first day of my December menstrual cycle. Anything 15 or higher is acceptable. Between 17-20 is good. 25 is WONDERFUL!

I really am so excited about that number because the progesterone issue is always what does me it, whether physically or emotionally. For once, I don't feel worried.

As a precaution, I'll be taking 200mg Prometrium orally only once per day. (I honestly think that's for my peace of mind rather than for any medical reason.) Additionally, I'll have monitoring labs drawn every Monday and Thursday until I reach 10-12 weeks gestation. At that point, the placenta should meet take the place of the corpus luteum and progesterone will be unnecessary.

I tried to call Dr. Trimmer (the perinatologist) to touch base and to see when he wants me in for my first scan. He'll want to make sure the placement is ok with regards to the T.A.C. (transabdominal cerclage). They're out of the office now, so I'll try again another time.

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