Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Feeling More Optimistic

After a day of research, I feel much more optimistic. James e-mailed me with article after article that stated from about 6 weeks on, HCg levels aren't accurately predictive of pregnancy health. The increase slows down, and numbers won't double more than every 96 hours or so. The ultrasounds become much more important than the HCg levels after 6 weeks, and what we saw Monday was good.

Randi mentioned praying for my mind to be quiet and sound, and I think that's precisely what I need. Moreover, we need wise, conservative doctors who aren't afraid to do what's necessary to protect my pregnancy and my health. We need God's grace to accept the calls they make, even if they don't make sense.


Jenny said...

Glad you are feeling more optimistic. Remember... God does not give you the spirit of fear. The experts are giving you every indication that this is a strong, viable pregnancy. REJOICE! God is good! This pregnancy is good! I'll be praying along with Randi.

Emily said...

Thanks for giving specific ways to pray for you and this pregnancy. I will jump on that bandwagon :)

It is so nice to have a husband that is proactive in helping you find peace and is so supportive. I don't know james, but I am impressed with him.