Monday, January 5, 2009

The Roughest Week Wasn't So Bad

Week 8 of pregnancy is always our worst. Two of our four losses have happened at this particular gestational stage -- at 8 1/2 weeks to be precise. But I'll be 9 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and all is well. My progesterone levels are holding steady (with a result of 23.6 from Friday's draw), a baby still growing 2 days ahead of schedule (by today's scan), and a heartbeat of 184. I'm really so surprised. It's nearly like I'm a normal human being.

Emotionally, things were a bit harder this week. During week 7, I was miserable physically -- so miserable, I was sure I was miscarrying -- yet my ultrasound showed everything to be well. During week 8, I felt great physically and was certain that meant the baby's heart had stopped and I'd had a missed miscarriage. Fortunately, I couldn't have been more wrong and the baby is just fine. I suppose my physical well-being is a bonus, not a bad omen. I really should just embrace how I feel physically and take advantage of my need for a good long nap.

I'm still dealing with intermittent brown spotting, but at my appointment today, Dr. T (my MFM) was unconcerned. The spotting could be related to the ectopic pregnancy still being reabsorbed (it's smaller now and the yolk sac is flattening). It could be implantation bleeding just slow to release. It could be anything really, but nothing to be concerned about at this stage. He did prescribe a Grade B antibiotic to ward off any bacterial infections that may result from the spotting, but it's more of a precaution than a need. Dr. T just doesn't want there to be any irritation around my cervix, and an infection would be an irritant.

Not one person on my care team is willing to take any risks with this pregnancy, and I'm really so glad -- no, grateful -- for such conscientiousness.

I really am so surprised to be at 9 weeks. I've only ever been this far along with Gracie and Zachary. Being at this stage nearly makes me feel ready to make the public announcement. Nearly.


Randi said...

With every week that passes, I'm more and more excited for you. It must feel amazing to get to this point and see that everything still looks great. Yay! Can't wait to follow you through this pregnancy and see that sweet baby at the end of it!

Jenny said...

So glad this is all progressing to a point where you are starting to believe it's really happening!:-) I'm so happy for you and James- congrats on the 9 week mark! I also am so excited with every update you post!

Emily said...

Lots of prayers still coming your way. I am so happy to hear that everything is going so good.

Emily said...

Yeah for 9 weeks!!! That is so great. I understand you protecting your heart, but it is good to "hear" a little excitement in your words. I am so happy for you and can't wait to know your little one one day. I am so thankful that you have a medical team that is doing everything in their power to help you have a healthy full term baby. Thanks for the update!