Thursday, January 1, 2009

Even Strangers Concede...

James is working on a search for an MFM/Perinatologist in Wisconsin. When following up with his client yesterday, an OB who serves as president of the group, he shared our recent obstetrical experiences by e-mail. (They'd talked about the fact I was expecting when they met recently, so James caught him up on the heterotopic pregnancy and its progress.) James thought his response was hilarious, but I'm not sure I agree:
WOW !!

You could get an entire high risk OB education with your wife. I have seen alot, including abdominal cerclage, etc. I can truly say I have never seen or known anybody with heterotopic pregnancy. Thank goodness it has resolved without surgery.

Have a peaceful New Year,



Jenny said...

Don't you know???... you are one in a million! (in many ways) Love you friend!

Randi said...

You're a textbook case. I'm praying this pregnancy (or the remainder of it) is only appropriate for a very boring, normal, low-risk textbook. :)