Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cravings, and Other Ramblings on Food

All Things Citrus Make Me Happy

I'm fortunate in that I don't generally experience morning sickness when pregnant. What I do struggle with is a serious aversion to food, and if this pregnancy ends up being like my pregnancies with Gracie and Zachary, that won't end after the first trimester.

So far, I've struggled to eat meat or nearly any sort. I'm affected by the smell, the taste, and the texture, so it's a no-win situation on all accounts. I can eat sandwiches with small portions of meat in them, like a chicken salad sandwich or a deli sandwich from Potbelly's. I can sometimes eat meat overcome by some kind of carbohydrate, like fajitas or a meat-in-rice casserole. Right now, though, I would totally throw up if I tried to choke down a chunk of pot roast. I have other random aversions generally related to smell or texture, but meat is the only predictable thing.

Cravings have been minor, really, and rare. I've really been enjoying all things citrus lately. I've been drinking more milk than I normally would. James had to make a cheesecake run this week. The best thing ever is when I find a food I've been craving on mark-down. For example, on Wednesday I ate nearly an entire carton of strawberries on my own. On Thursday, I went back to the store for more and found that several of the cartons had just been marked down to $1.00 each. I bought six pounds (six pounds!) of strawberries and now on Friday, we have a little less than three pounds left.


Randi said...

The craving thing is so fascinating to me ... your entire appetite can change because of that little kidney bean in there.

Emily said...

Gotta love those cravings. I remember with Genevieve I could smell McDonalds (the salt and French Fries) from the interstates. At least your cravings are healthy :)