Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm Feeling Much Better Now...

By Sunday morning, I wasn't bleeding anymore. I was back to spotting in the same way I had been for two weeks prior. There were no more clots and no new symptoms. I only felt completely confused about Saturday's experience. I spent the morning laying in bed with James, recalling the experience and making fun of him for running around the parking lot as he did. I already know how terrible I am for making fun of a man who loves me so and who was doing his best to take care of me, but in retrospect, he looked hilarious. Plus, it was nice to look back and laugh when we really felt like crying.

Mid morning, James began to ready himself to pick up the kids from Mom's house, and I decided to ride along. We made plans to stop at IHOP for omelets on the way. As we sat in the restaurant lobby waiting for our table, my OB/GYN came through the door. He was working at the hospital across the street, and while waiting for a birth, he decided to come have some breakfast. Since I'd paged him on the way to the hospital on Saturday, he was already familiar with the day's events. Then, the hospital called him again before my discharge to update him further. As we waited for our tables, we talked about the rest of Saturday and about how I was feeling right then. Even as we talked and he could see our faces and hear the emotion in our voices, what completely rocked our world left him totally unmoved. "I think everything's going to be fine," he said.

Sunday was indeed fine -- the spotting slowed as the day went on. I spent all day Monday on my feet helping out at an outreach event at our church, and the spotting slowed to nothing. When I called the OB's office on Monday to follow-up, Dr. K said he felt secure to not see me until my scheduled appointment on the 28th. Today, everything is fine still.

I've been back on the progesterone supplement since Saturday, but tonight is the night I skip a dose. I'm a little concerned about what tomorrow will be like, but hopefully, whatever was there lingering has already been completely resolved. The sonogram indicated nothing to be concerned about -- the pregnancy looked fine and the environment looked fine, so I'm hanging onto that. Still, prayers (lots of prayers) are greatly appreciated.

By the way, I'm 11 weeks pregnant today. This is the longest and the most eventful first trimester known to man. At least to any man we know.


Randi said...

I know it's been eventful but I still get chills when I read that you're at 11 weeks. Every day, every week, is a milestone. Can't wait to see that sweet baby in due time.

Karen said...

woo hoo for 11 weeks & here's to 29 more weeks...praying that they will be uneventful

Elizabeth said...

Girl, I am praying right now. And I'll keep on praying till I see that sweet baby's face. What a miracle this journey is!

Jenny said...

Drama, drama, drama... I'm going to go ahead and call this one... it's gotta be a girl!

Seriously, glad things are progressing in a positive direction!