Wednesday, May 6, 2009

When Justice is Better Served in a Room Full of Dead Baby Mommies

I read a shocking article today about a 21-year-old man who's been charged with murder after attacking his ex-girlfriend and her three-month-old son, then kidnapping the baby and tossing him from a moving vehicle on an interstate highway. The sight of the dead baby disturbed the man who found him -- a news photographer -- so deeply that he couldn't bear to keep his eyes on the child.

I cannot even form words to describe how intensely furious I feel about this entire situation,
so I'm not even going to try.

I will say, though, that this unbelievable individual is quite fortunate to not have me on his jury -- particularly since I feel that true justice might be better served if a prison sentence were bypassed and he were locked in a room full of dead baby mommies.


Karen said...

I saw that headline but could not bring myself to read the story because I found it so disturbing.

Jenny said...

Yeah, I saw the headline too but could not bring myself to read the article. Very disturbing.